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Trans-Solar Disc (Hoverbout) - Front View

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Trans-Solar Disc (Hoverbout) - Back View

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Trans-Solar Disc (Hoverbout)

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Generation 01, Generation 02, Generation 03 and Generation 04


Also known as the Hoverbout, the Trans-Solar disc was a common site on worlds controlled by the Daleks and those under attack by them. Up until the creation of the Mark Five Travel Machine, this vehicle was the race's primary air and space superiority unit. The disc was comparable to the starfighters of other races and the Daleks use the small size of the vehicle to their advantage. With the advanced motive units of the Mark Five, however, the Trans-Solar disc became redundant.


The Trans-solar Disc was primarily an advanced anti-gravitational / motive unit which a single Dalek unit used for inter-planetary travel. On top of the motivation disc, the Dalek casing was clamped down to ensure maximum stability for the occupant as the Disc maneuvered through air or space. Control of the Hoverbout came through the manipulation of a ball shaped controller located on the top ring of the cage that surrounded the pilot. The pilot interfaced with the controls through the standard manipulator arm / data probe attachment. The Trans-solar disc could also be piloted by non-Dalek life forms.

The Trans-solar Disc contained no in-built weaponry, meaning that the pilot relied solely on their own weaponry, boosted by a power feed from the Disc's powerplant. The added power meant that the standard Dalek Energy Weapon was usually sufficient to destroy or harass most opponents. The Disc was one of the most maneuverable space superiority craft in existance during the 26th century period (Earth Reckoning) and remained a feared opponent throughout the period of its use by the Dalek Empire.


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